Introducing De Bouverie

A while back I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Harriot Pleydell-Bouverie, founder and CEO of De Bouverie, a luxury brand that brings together uniquely beautiful jewellery and accessories. Promoting some of the most exciting and talented independent designers from across the country, Harriot’s passion for the objects of hand-crafted sparkling beauty comes across with vigour and enthusiasm and is a total pleasure to witness.

I was keen to find out how and why De Bouverie came to be so we chatted whilst playing with some of beautifully intricate pieces that Harriot had brought along – a wonderful way to spend the morning! She told me that her taste in jewellery comes from her father. Harriot was always inspired by the pieces that he used to buy for her mother – he would hunt around for amazing finds each Christmas and sometimes give little pieces to her as well. There’s a great story here about how she became a budding entrepreneur at the tender age of 12!

Having studied fine art and sculpture at Art College, Harriot’s creativity exploded as she learnt about everything from wax carving and intricate small designs to large scale imagery and installations. Leaving with no career path and finding she was unable to be so creative under pressure, Harriot took a role in the city in emerging market research in a small company with a family feel where she stayed for four years.

By a twist of fate and whilst on gardening leave, Harriot began amalgamating past ideas and developing new ones into a reality and a year later, De Bouverie the brand was born.

Tracking down high quality, individual pieces by independent designers and showcasing them in a central marketplace, De Bouverie offer a personal service, impartial advice, bespoke commissions and ready to buy pieces.

I asked Harriot to pick three of her current favourites and here’s what she came up with…

1. Acorn necklace – “This is one of my favourite pieces and a best seller. It’s adjustable so can be worn long over tunics or jumpers and trousers to help elongate the body, but also as a shorter necklace over a polo neck or lower cut dress.”

2. Waterfall earrings – “Dramatic and eye catching, these are without a doubt my best seller. They’re fantastic for evening wear and are a real statement piece. Best worn without other jewellery or with a very simple piece and good for those with a longer neckline. This style comes in three sizes so you can wear the right length without overwhelming.”

3. Majestic Gem Stone necklace – “A simple pendant necklace available in a variety of stones  – easy to wear yet stylish and sophisticated. These sell really well for both every day and work wear and as the piece you can wear with a little black dress for Christmas.”

Having seen some of the beautiful jewellery in person, I can definitely understand Harriot’s passion for what she does and it’s something I can relate to. Whether you’re a jewellery aficionado or just after something that little bit different, I think De Bouverie is definitely worth a look whilst compiling your Christmas wish list.

As for my favourite piece? Difficult to choose but being a sucker for a cocktail ring, I was drawn to the Mildred ring by Milly Swire – a beautiful investment piece to treasure.

For the full range of services available at De Bouverie, click here.

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