Good AIR Days All The Way

Whilst I love having long hair, I consider blow drying it a chore. It’s time consuming and as I stand there with aching arms contorted high above my head, I know that it’ll never look as good as it does when I’ve visited a salon. This is why I’m a confirmed hair tong and ghd straightener addict.

So when ghd got in touch and asked if I’d like to review their ghd AIR hairdryer, having read the blurb, me and the unruly mane jumped at the chance. Without the skill of a hairdresser and due to the fact that I colour my hair, whenever I dry it myself, the ends usually end up fluffy. Despite great conditioners and a healthy helping of styling product du jour.

So the test for me was just how fluffy my hair would look after using the ghd AIR. Its 2,100W motor definitely made it more powerful than my old drier and it dried my hair quicker…with a lot less fluffing at the ends. Junior Child also informs me its a lot quieter – there was no slamming of bedroom door when I switched it on!

Since using it I’ve been getting away with just running my straighteners over the top layer – this pleases me on both the effort and time front. Thank you ghd…I was always a fan of your straighteners…now I love your hairdryers too.

Estee Lauder Cosmetics (Aveda)

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    This is definitely something that I will be investigating further. My hair is now shoulder length (got tired of managing it when it was very long) and without my ghd straighteners, I look like the Wild Woman of Borneo. A dryer that would enable me to just run the straighteners over the surface would definitely get a big thumbs up from me!

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