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Sometimes I get to hear a piece of fashion news that really excites me and has me champing at the bit to share it on The Online Stylist. During a recent trip to London I caught up with Isabella Oliver founder Baukjen and was intrigued to hear about her plans for one of my favourite labels, the 365 women’s wear collection.

As of lunchtime today I can officially let you know about the exciting re-brand of the amazingly successful Isabella Oliver 365 Collection, now launched as Baukjen. Applying similar principles from the foundation of the 365 Collection, the new Baukjen range will provide style solutions for the modern woman. And from the look of these pictures, this is one piece of news you won’t want to miss!

Alexa shirt dress – £99, Zoe crop cardi – £89

I was thrilled to have the chance to chat with Baukjen about the re-launch and what the changes mean for the collections and the new look website…

It’s such exciting news about the re-branding – can you explain a little of what lead you to re-launch the collection and perhaps provide some background as to why you decided to use your name?

“The women’s wear collection grew much faster than we’d even hoped. We felt it needed its own space to live and breathe. Separating the brands gives them both the space to grow to their full potential. In terms of the name, we wanted something unique that reflected the philosophy of the brand so it seemed natural to go with Baukjen.”

With the re-branding, can you see future collections taking a different direction or diversifying and if so, what form do you think that could take?

“The re-brand will enable the collection to grow and push the boundaries slightly more. We definitely won’t change anything drastically – our collections will evolve organically in response to different trends and what our customers love. A progression of style will happen in each collection.”

Alexa shirt – £89

Jessica dress – £89

Tell us a bit more about the Baukjen’s World concept – it sounds really exciting!

“We wanted to create a hub of inspiration that draws together the passion behind the brand. Baukjen’s World is a destination that our customers can explore and really get a feel for what Baukjen is all about. It’s there to inspire and we’ve created lots of exciting features with everything from styling advice and editorial shoots to guest columnists and behind the scenes videos. I really hope our customers will love it and get involved.”

What are the key elements of the AW12 collection and do you have some favourite, stand out pieces?

“This season’s collection is about rich, luxe hues with berries, golds and caramels all featuring strongly. The London style and way of dressing is reflected in the Baukjen brand – it’s all about mixing it up and putting the unexpected together, minimal effort and maximum style. I love the idea of layering draped knits under cropped jackets with fresh stripes for an eclectic yet effortless look. Adding pops of lipstick red leather and fun slogan tee’s gives a modern, playful accent for Autumn.”

Anna print dress – £129

My favourites so far? I absolutely love the Agyness leather jacket in lipstick red and the Sienna jersey blouse in blue melange and from the sneak peek I got at the AW12 collection there are so many more covetable pieces to come.

Take a look around the new site including the Baukjen TV segment where you can hear from Baukjen herself about the ethos and aims of the label, the inspirational Style Guide and of course, a favourite of mine, the blog!

What do you think of the re-launch and the AW12 collection and will you be adding some Baukjen pieces to your wardrobe?

Isabella Oliver (UK)

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  1. says

    Great minds think alike – I couldn’t wait for the launch and wrote about the rebrand today too. I absolutely love it and can’t wait to add some of the pieces to my autumn wardrobe. Goregous, gorgeous, goregous x

  2. says

    I fell in love with Isabella Oliver’s clothes during my first pregnancy four years ago and was delighted when the 365 Collection came about, so I’m a huge fan and really pleased to hear about the re-branding, especially given that Baukjen is going ‘solo’ these days.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. says

    Welcome back Amanda… catching up on your lovely posts as I was away myself for a bit! Love this collection… that Jessica dress has endless styling options for A/W:) Hope the sun is still shining in your part of the world…not much of it here so this is a welcome diversion!!
    ~Anne xx

  4. Jennie says

    I love this brand & I am very grateful for your gentle guidance in its direction! The promo shots look amazing & I just wish I could buy it all! I hope they stay true to the basics too, because their ruched dresses are INCREDIBLE and they own that design! Best of luck to Baukjen & I look forward to seeing what OLS picks for AW12! Xx


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