Five Favourite Slipper Flats

I had a debate of the fashion kind at the weekend with my friend E. The subject? Slipper flats. E said they’re not for her but as London Fashion Week looms in just under a month and I’m hoping to get my fix that I missed in February, I’m thinking yes.

Yes to no high heel pain. Yes to being able to skip across the cobbles of Somerset House without looking like a giraffe on the verge of toppling and yes to a footwear trend that offers comfort and style in one. Can you imagine the joy?

Some are calling them slippers, others use the term loafers…I may call them sole savers if I can find a suitable pair. I’m already imagining preppy chic or tomboy cool and am now firmly committing myself to a the slipper flat search. Here’s a few that I would happily slip on and loaf around in…

1. Jimmy Choo Wheel Glitter Finished Leather Loafers – £295 Net-A-Porter 2. Merlot Mini Stud Slippers – £28 Topshop 3. Melissa Purple Damson Leopard Slipper – £195 L.K. Bennett 4. Evalyn Suede & Metal Loafers – £450 Net-A-Porter 5. Sam Edelman Adena Satin Stud Smoking Slipper – £140

Will you be opting for a little style in comfort and trying out a slipper flat come the autumn?

Miu Miu Velvet Covered Loafers in header image – also available at Net-A-Porter

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  1. says

    Oh how I love these shoes!!! I have been wearing this slipper style for about a year now and all I can say is that they really are feet savers! Gone are the dreaded ache in the balls of your feet from heels and gone is the constant rubbing of the toes in ballet flats – slippers are the way forward. However, do not wear them in small Devon towns. I wore mine in Bideford and a little old lady, rather loudly, stated “oh look, she’s come out in her slippers, she must’ve forgotten to put shoes on” THEY ARE SHOES…


  2. Jennie says

    At first I was a bit ‘no way’ about slippers. I just thought they were too masculine and ballet flats were so much prettier. However, as usual I get worn down over time! I’m not sure I will be buying any at this stage but you would have to be made of stone not to swoon over the Jimmy Choos! xx

  3. MsHGolightly says

    Just got a pair from Zara. They’re pink and quirky enough to convert me (I had the feeling slippers were a bit too masculine for my style). I’ll test them in London next week (touristing around in heels can be challenging) and if happy with them I might even go for something more expensive like the glitter Choos…

  4. says

    I have a pair of Jeffery Campbell ones and they are super comfortable. I find ballet flats can cut across the most uncomfortable part of my foot and these don’t. I will have to grab another pair this fall.

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