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I love wearing layers and have three or four shorter length jackets that are specifically reserved for putting on over longline tops. The jacket I have on in this picture taken on, yes, another distant sunny evening before heading out to dinner with a colleague from my previous work life, is from Hobbs.

Sometimes I think I could single handedly blame Hobbs for the fashion obsession that was slowly rekindled after I became a mum. As I wandered in dazed fashion around my local market town I remembering noticing through my sleepless night induced haze that a Hobbs had opened in the square. Hooked – right there and then. I loved both the quality of the clothes, the cut, the fit and the attentive service in the shop. Fairly quickly, treating myself to something from Hobbs became my escapism from the mummy mire that I ended up wallowing in on days spent changing nappies, wiping noses and dealing with what seemed to be every standard childhood illness one after the other.

Sunglasses – c/o Polaroid, Jacket – (old) Hobbs, Scarf – (old) Gap, White T – Isabella Oliver 365 Collection, Bag – DVF at Stanwells, Jeans – Paige Hoxton Ultra Skinny c/o Donna Ida, Sandals – c/o Clarks

These days there’s far less of that to worry about and as for me and the jacket – well we’re still going strong! Do you have a long standing favourite item in your wardrobe that you knew would be a great investment when you bought it?

Donna Ida

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  1. Päivi Vahvelainen says

    I have the same t-shirt and love Isabella Oliver too. I’ve got a bit hooked on them after wearing their maternity clothes last year. I’m now slowly getting back into my old clothes but most of my clothes are office wear really and I’d love some suggestions from you in terms what to buy for this spring/summer that I can wear when playing with my 8 month baby in the house and in the playground. Jeans, stripy tops and trainers are pretty much my every day look but is there anything else casual/feminine that isn’t too mumsy?

    • says

      Glad you’re a 365 Collection fan too! Maybe try some pastel or bright denim for change – I think it really changes up an every day look. I also plunder Gap on a regular basis for great chino style pants and wear them cuffed with layered T’s for days spent running around the playground or park. xx

  2. Päivi Vahvelainen says

    Pastels might be a good idea and something I’ve never thought about. Also chinos are a good suggestion so might pop to Gap one day. Thanks Amanda.

  3. says

    I have this one leather jacket that it from back when I worked full time and I still think it is as cool as ever even though alot of clothing from that time doesn’t fit my lifestyle anymore or is dated.

    Love the look, it looks relaxed yet chic.

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