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The sudden burst of warm weather meant that we could take to the beach for the first time this year to get some outfit photos. It’s one of my favourite places to get pictures – not just because of the fresh air and gorgeous scenery but Small Child is always happy to play in the sand whilst I do the blog thing. Win win all round. Now that the weather has returned to what it should normally be for the time of year, I’m already missing the vanilla skies and the opportunity to wear ballet flats without getting frostbite.

It was all about the accessories last week with over sized watches on the blog and a beautiful leather bag from Jane Shilton and an Aamaya by Priyanka Rose Quartz ring both arriving – expect to see more of these soon. Oh and having been tempted by a Michael Kors sequin skirt from The Outnet, the God of Manhattan Luxe taunted me further with a pair of peep toe mesh ankle boots in Grazia magazine. I’m steadfastly ignoring them seeing as the skirt is now hanging in my wardrobe.

Part of our family evening ritual usually involves a quick pre-bedtime Lego session of sorts and Small Child has developed a fondness for the very girly Lego Friends. I think this provides a good balance to the rest of her collection which is all about Star Wars, Ben 10 and Ninjas…besides, the pastels are very this season!

Come the end of the week I thought I’d better get myself in order for one of my best friends hen weekend celebration and so booked a pedicure and then gave myself a home manicure with a sugary lilac shade from Marks & Spencer. And before I headed off on Saturday morning to partake of Windsor sunshine, cherry blossom, bubbles and fun with the girls, I made sure that the gorgeous Liberty print bracelets from Rebecca’s Aix were safely hidden from view. A certain young lady is developing an appreciation for my accessories…I knew it would happen at some point.


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  1. simone says

    Just wait til she has the same size feet as you… my daughter now!! Only a year or so ago she was asking if she could have them “when she grew up” and now they flippin’ well fit her!!! Thank goodness I only have one daughter :)

    Love all your images…. tell me what you use to display your Instagrams like that, they look great XX

    • says

      Oooh…am shuddering at the thought of sharing Manolo’s and Choo’s now! Re Instagram collage… of course! Picassa collage and then use 1960’s effect for rounded corners. Happy Easter hols Lovely! xxx

  2. says

    And THAT is why I’m glad to have a son….he has no interest in my closet or my accessories! Oh and happy birthday to your little one!

  3. says

    Love these posts sweets :)

    BTW – which shade is the polish – I love it but not sure if it’s the one called “pastel” or “lilac”?

    Hope you’re well, xx

      • says

        I am on it!!!!!!!! Haven’t painted my nails in weeks due to DIY!! But this is the colour I want my nails to be now :)

        It is also the colour I’ve painted the alcoves in the spare room – and am planning on painting a wall in our bedroom the same colour too :) xx


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