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Just like fragrance and music, what I wear has the ability to evoke happy memories so I’m quite liking the fact that I’m now posting about a month in arrears on daily outfit shots. Happy Memory No. 1 – our weekend away with friends in Brighton at the end of February to celebrate a 40th birthday. A weekend of just the grown ups and leaving the kids at home. Those that have kids will understand that there is so much to treasure from sitting in a coffee shop, opening the newspaper and actually reading it without abandoning the task before you hit the end of page 2. And from being able to continue a conversation to a satisfying conclusion. Without constant interruption.

And packing outfits for two days…with two nights out in a row…oh yes! Then, from a fashion bloggers perspective, the joy of finding that your weekend accommodation has an Elizabeth Arden-esque red door in which to pose in front of for outfit photos. Spotted the theme for the next couple of In My Wardrobe posts yet?

Blazer – (old) Reiss, White T – Isabella Oliver 365 Collection, Bag – DVF at Stanwells, Trousers – CURRENT/ELLIOTT at, Shoe Boots – (old) c/o Matalan

Does putting on certain piece of clothing evoke happy memories and bring an instant smile to your face?

Reiss UK

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  1. Jennie says

    You look fabulous and I love that blazer – you are so good with colour! I always think about where I wore something (or bought something if on holiday etc.) previously. I guess my Merola wedding earrings provoke some of my strongest memories, as they are the only piece of the outfit I’ve worn again. I don’t wear them often but I love them so much! xx

    • says

      Snap with the wedding earrings!! Actually Mr OLS bought them for me and left them on the bedside table for me to find after he’d left the house the day before our wedding. I think I wear them every day for the same reason as you! xx

  2. Clare says

    Hi Amanda, lovely to meet you last night, I’m eagerly anticipating my new shoes!
    Fantastic blazer, I’m all for wearing orange regularly. I have a couple of sentimental pieces of clothing, but they’re waiting in the loft for me to lose weight x

  3. says

    Hi Amanda,

    Just wanted to say how nice it was to meet you at the Clark’s Shoes do last night.

    Please check out my blog (linked above) if you get chance, any comments or feedback is appreciated!

    I’ll let you know which shoes I receive when they arrive.

    Hope you have a fab weekend.

    Lisa x

    • says

      Hi Lisa! Great to meet you too – I’ll certainly hop on over to your blog and take a look…loved that vintage dress you had on. I have a thing for polka dots now! Hope you’re enjoying your weekend too! x

  4. Deb Price says

    I have a leopard print DVF wrap dress that i have had for about 15 years and when I got it in the post i thought that life could hold no greater glory (shallow – moi?) I still love wearing it and in fact plan a little outing for it next Tursday

  5. says

    Love those boots.

    I have a lot of clothes that instantly make me happy. Generally because they are expensive/beautiful/look amazing.

    Love the red door, it’s always great finding somewhere brilliant to pose when away from home!


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