I Want A Day In Her Life

Being a fashion blogger and frequent online shopper, it pleases me when I see beautiful inspiring features on a retailers site. If done well, it’s such a powerful pull and in my case certainly, it’s strong enough to sway me into hitting that Add To Bag button faster than you can say well done to the marketing department.

Maybe this is a side effect of finding inspiration from so many great fashion blogs on a daily basis but in my humble opinion, some online retailers need to work harder if they are to compete with the feeling you get when you shop in store. Seeing the movement of the clothing in video clips, showing different angles and great styling are all key but for me, they need to be brought to life by a little story telling now and again.

Cowl Neck Top – £59, Leopard Skinny Belt – £59, Sateen Cigarette Pant – £95

Jersey Drape Dress – £119

Case in point – the A Day In Her Life style story that I saw on the Isabella Oliver 365 Collection site last week. The moment I saw the first image I was eagerly clicking through the site wanting to buy everything in the entire shoot. Without inspiration life can be dull and whilst I may not look quite like the lady perched on the side of the bath as I get ready in the mornings *coughs*, I sure as hell want her dress!

Zip Jersey Dress – £105, Leopard Clutch – £99

Sequin Dress – £199

Ruched Jersey Dress – £99, Essential Skinny Belt – £49

Well done Isabella Oliver 365 Collection – another stylish string to your bow. And if like me, you want to be the girl in the picture, just click the image and shop!

Are you swayed into buying clothes and accessories by beautiful imagery or a photo shoot that really resonates with your aspirations?

To view A Day In Her Life in full click here.

Isabella Oliver (UK)

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  1. Mother of One says

    I love these pictures, and not just the clothes! I am admiring both the horse wallpaper and the lovely shoes with the wooden heels – I wish they would credit their accessories sometimes – the jewellery in the horse wallpaper picture is gorgeous too…

  2. Jennie Hogg says

    Yes, that’s exactly what my life is like! Some gorgeous shots here. I love the colour of the blue ruched dress – so pretty for Spring. xx

  3. Nats says

    I had exactly the same thought when the IO brochure landed on my doorstep last week…. I am still leafing through it every evening wondering which bits to purchase! Like Mother of One I was also a huge fan of the wallpaper and am desperately trying to find a room tomput it in!!!

  4. tina says

    I’m a real advertisment victim when it comes to resort clothes. I would love to buy all the kaftans, bikinis and jewelled sandals if I could. Not that I’m vacationing that much sadly..

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