September 28, 2016

10 Pieces To Buy Now From ASOS White

ASOS white wishlist

I discovered ASOS White a few seasons ago and have to say, I’m utterly hooked.

And no surprises when you look at the pieces on offer – it’s very COS and therefore very me. ASOS White is modern and minimalistic and peppered with unusual cuts and silhouettes…and quite frankly, I want it all!

There are some brilliant basics that would become timeless wardrobe staples sprinkled with a smattering of dresses that make me think I should just go ahead and buy one even though I don’t have the occasion to wear it. Hell, for a dress like this one, I’d invent an occasion!

Having bought two or three pieces in the past, I’ve been impressed with the quality of this particular range. It’s definitely built to last, which, given you’re paying a little more than some of their own brand lines, is a definite plus point.

Makeup palette worthy blushes and nudes, black, white, beige and enough shades of grey to keep me happy for the next ten years, the current collection is so crammed full of covetable pieces that I hardly know where to begin.

I’m sure the selection above will suffice for now though…

What do you think of the collection?



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