What’s Next For The Online Stylist In 2017…

This blog always has been and always will be my passion project. Not a week goes by when I don’t count my lucky stars at the thought of sitting down to my desk and putting 100% effort into something I truly love.

To exist in the blog world and to continue to earn an income from it means that change is a constant. The pure genius of these small corners we create is that they’re always evolving.

And we can evolve with them in ways of our choosing.

I started blogging with no business agenda meaning that every single post/subject/category/tweet etc came from an emotion. A fleeting thought, an opinion or a big idea that I REALLY felt the need to share. I’ve always been a sharer…

Embracing The Everyday Jeans Uniform

As my style has slowly morphed from less fussy and more into paired back, calmer territory, jeans have become my goto for most of those dressed down, everyday outfits.

And for the slightly dressier ones too.

There’s no getting away from it. One of the things I hear most often is “HOW do I break out of my everyday jeans uniform habit? It always comes back to me reaching for jeans!”

This is often accompanied by anguished looks and much wringing of hands. You know what? I say stop trying.

Give in to the power of the jean and just change them up a little more often. They’re practical, comfortable, versatile and go with all manner of footwear. There aren’t many things in my wardrobe that I can say all those things about!

Heels, Champagne Fridays, Cake & Frills

If you asked me to list all the things that represent my favourite hashtag, #ElevateTheEveryday, Champagne Fridays would be very close to the Number One spot!

Closely followed by cake and heels. Notice though that heels come after cake in the running order these days.  For a long time I’ve been shying away from heels and opting for flats – unless a door to door, taxi to table journey is on the cards.

One thing I’ve noticed is that if you stop wearing heels for a considerable amount of time, you forget how to walk in them. Not good…

My Five Dog Walking Essentials

Since having Biscuit, as much as some days I curse having to go out (generally when the weather is really bad!), I’ve grown to love and appreciate our dog walks.

Fresh air, physical activity, a chance to clear the mind and just be in the moment with a four legged friend who’s having the time of their life is highly underrated.

Before I leave the house there are a few dog walking essentials I always ensure I have with me…and we’re not just talking about the glaringly obvious choice of poop bags here..

Ten Valentine’s Day Gifts You Should Buy For Yourself

Do you still do the Valentine’s Day thing? The secret squirrel act of present buying and trying to book a table for dinner?

Actually scrap that. Try getting a babysitter first and then you can think about booking a table for dinner!

Over the years we’ve settled into the routine of staying in, cooking a nice meal and asking each other if there’s anything in particular the other would would like for a gift. I’m currently wondering if a Sophie Hulme tote falls under the banner of anything in particular…