Living Room Makeover – Before & After

Following the installation of a wood burner last November and a major spot of New Year redecorating, I’m finally able to bring you some before and after pics of the living room makeover!

January and February were spent decorating, replacing furniture bit by bit, channelling cable into walls, moving lighting points and replacing radiators. As for the other eight months… I have no excuse for not sharing the makeover before now.

Apart from the main…

Cosy Autumn Evenings Indoors

Cosy autumn evenings indoors – possibly the best four words in the English language!

And if the Danish can have a word that means just this very thing then I’m definitely on board. You may well have heard of the “Hygge” phenomenon by now.  Pronounced “Hooga”, it roughly translates as the art of creating a warm and cosy atmosphere in which to enjoy the good things in life, with the people you love all around you.

So today, in partnership with the wonderfully seasonal drink, Baileys Pumpkin Spice, I’m sharing a few ways in which I introduce a little Hygge into our home and actively celebrate autumn, make the evenings feel decidedly cosier…

Inspiration For A Stylish Halloween

Enter Halloween in the search bar of this blog and a lot of orange comes up. Which, given it’s the colour most associated with the season, is no surprise really.

And that’s where we hit a problem. Orange no longer fits the new simplified colour scheme chez Monochrome Family. I know – first world problems. As mentioned here – gathering paraphernalia for a mostly monochrome Christmas takes priority as far as the decoration budget goes this year so I’ve limited the spend to a small John Lewis selection.  However, next year, I’m going all out for a stylish Halloween…

The October Edit

Autumn has well and truly arrived – the wood burner has been lit on several occasions already and my addiction to white pumpkins is running amok!

With Halloween just around the corner, and this year the living room decorated in monochrome hues, I’m already making plans for next year’s spooky themed decor to match. I’m delaying for now as first and foremost, there’s a very monochrome Christmas to plan and shop for!

And speaking of the living room, today I’m actually taking time out to photograph it and look forward to sharing the pictures with you soon. Until then, there’s always a few October edit essentials for the perusing…

How Blogging Helped Refine My Style Choices

The older I get the more I subscribe to the philosophy that, in life, there are no mistakes and wrong decisions, just lessons learned and experience gained. And the same applies to my style choices over the years!

It’s all part of the journey, just like blogging itself. When I look back at outfit posts from the early days, I cringe at the clothes, the pictures and sometimes even the words.

God knows my style has seen some bizarre incarnations since I began to record some of those looks here. Discovering this amazing online world and finding myself constantly under the influence of other blogs, Pinterest and Instagram, I was like a kid in a candy store with a really bad case of style sweet tooth. I would run from virtual jar to jar, picking at random, gorging on trend after trend, sometimes with very little restraint…